" I like the ideology of there being no such thing as perfection. But I’m of the opinion that I have witnessed perfection at various times, especially in art "

Jack O’Connell for Interview Magazine.

happiest of birthdays to dan howell aka the biggest slut! i wish you all the best bae, keep making people happy with your hilarious videos and also a big thank you for your existence! you’re the sunshine of my life and you put a huge smile to my face so thank you!! and just like blink 182 are singing in one of their songs - “nobody likes you when you’re 23”… ha! i love you goofball.



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"taste buds definetly change as you age i think the thing i’m most excited for in life is finally liking tomatoes wbu" |x|  

happy 23rd birthday to our super dorky, amazingly 
funny, and cripplingly awkward friend, Dan Howell!
Aka danisnotonfire


Happy Birthday, Dan! :D

what are you doing?

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i’m going to watch gays of future past

i mean days of future past

no i don’t

alright bye

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